Online gaming law in Australia -- A few bits of information

Though every law seems to have a cause and effect, the laws within Australia concerning online gaming are somewhat similar to the US Military agreement for: 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'. Yet it's easier said than done when the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 says it prohibits anyone from operating an online casino in Australia, it did not prohibit residents from taking part in online gaming should services be available that are not land-based.

To this day, there has never been a clear law that prohibits this odd fact. In a technical sense, there is perhaps a violation somewhere but it still has not been restricted to either side when it comes to online gamers and online game providers.

It is clearly legal for any citizen to play these online games, but until further laws are more specific about the operation of online gaming sites that are run from abroad is still yet to be considered for any review in the Australian law books. Australians can still enjoy online gaming until this issue is completely clear.

The most odd of the law included is that online gaming cannot be advertised in public, yet any sporting event clearly has many adverts on digital screens on the edge of the playing fields.

If gambling online is illegal in Australia, why are gambling websites still allowed to advertise at sporting events?
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