Poker machines – Online casino games featuring video poker

‘Poker machines’ is another term used to refer to video poker, i.e. those non-slot games still within the general category of online pokies. Poker machines differ from video slots and that ilk in the modicum of skill needed – particularly in multihand games when working out the odds on a draw gets tricky.

In hopes of appealing to video poker fans, any online casino worth its salt provides multiple variations on the poker machine. Variants may simply offer more hands to play on a single wager or can slightly alter gameplay. Of course, the most basic add-ons come with wild cards. Jokers and 2s – or both – may be made wild in an online poker machine, with paytable adjusted accordingly. Another take on the classic poker machine may be seen in ‘level up’ games which increase payouts with successive wins.

On this page of PokieMonster, you may find online poker machines for the free playing.

In fact, back in 19th-century America, the first one-armed bandit might more accurately have been called a ‘poker machine’, as the entire contraption was based on five decks of playing cards set in the reels. But you don’t want to hear me; you just want to play. Fine – see our catalogue of poker machines above.
Online poker machines: Virtual five-card draw at the internet casino