Casino industry in Australia -- Land-based outlets vs. playing online

In terms of numbers, about 15.6% of the actual gambling was done in land-based casinos which brings in a modest 150 milion per year. In the area of online gaming the numbers are obviously higher with 40% of the population playing pokies, an amazing 970 million dollars went to online gaming in 2010! The incredible trend is unlikely to shrink away easily as sport betting is also a national pastime. 

While some experts feel that the online gaming industry is taking away potential jobs in the land-based casinos, currently 75,000 people are working in the casino industry field are not worried in the slightest as of yet .Though their casinos are targeting major tourism from overseas, the actual numbers for keeping their doors open look more toward the direction of the pokies for keeping their doors open.

Australia currently holds over 100,000 standard pokie machines just in New South Wales!  It seems the online industry has become the obvious popular choice for most Aussies, who can enjoy their pokies at home, rather than travelling over the great distances in order to get to a real casino. With the ease of the internet, the spark that has created this explosion in online gaming is only getting started. With the latest trend reports of the online sport betting, there's no guessing as to what can be the next ruling industry in Australia.

Lots of potential income could be made on gambling in Australia by the government, but laws remain arcane. What's up, government types?
Playing in Australia: Online casinos growing in popularity