Video bonus rounds: Extra in-game features of online pokies

Bonus rounds usually involve a short break in the game that allows the player to dive deeper into the game itself. Getting to solve some kind of puzzle or complete a special quest that would enhance the experience of playing for something perhaps even bigger and unknown. Many of the bigger software providers are adding more complicated bonus rounds to the newer titles.

There are a couple ways that these bonus rounds can be triggered. Sometimes there are free spin modes that will trigger the bonus rounds with a number of spins made or icons that have landed on certain reels. Others will involve prizes that are awarded which contain packs of free spins and bonus rounds included. There are always more chances to get bonus rounds through the use of the bonus icons and scatter icons.

Whatever the bonus round is triggered from, the concept is always an enjoyable one that includes more of the game than usually allowed. Every theme is expanded and explored which will provide the variety of making every slot game provided these days, a winner on both sides of the playing fence.

Who needs free spins when you can run up slots money by exterminating terrorists, beaming up aliens or choosing the perfect date? Video bonus rounds are where pokies are at in the 21st century!
Running up the jackpot wins in online pokie video bonus rounds