Android OS-based casinos -- How to play on a non-iPad tablet

The two major smartphones on the market today are divided and yet nearly brothers in their function and relation to each other. The iPad and Android are stalemates in the ring of trying to be better than each other. While the iPhone has apps that are current and up to date with each new phone released, most people can search the Apple store for the latest software apps available. Android users are somewhat forced to search a bit more for the updated apps that will make their phones work as well as the iPad.

One large setback is the use of Flash for Androids. Since older models supported the Flash software, newer models such as Android 4.1 will no longer support the Adobe-based program. Apple doesn't require adobe and doesn't work off Flash at all, so this is a clear sign that Android casinos may have problems for the newer users unless their flash programs assist in the application of playing a downloaded game. Not only that, flash is a notorious battery waste for anyone who uses the internet from their smartphones. If you don't mind charging every day, it may not be a problem for users.

One such valid question may be linked to which kind of Android that is being used. Every smartphone producer including LG, Motorola, Samsung, HTC, and many others offer the Android features for their phones with a large variety being carried between models and design. The iPad designs all pretty much stay in the same catagory no matter how many versions they carry. Compatability for every iPad can be shared where Android still has too many models to make their network of apps compatible. Whatever Android you may use for casino gaming may require special apps to make it run effectively.

The quest for a good mobile casino set for the Android operating system goes on ... above, a few tips for tablet or Smartphone users not equipped with Mac products.
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