Pokie tournaments online -- Sit 'n' go, scheduled casino events

Online slot tournaments can be a fun way to compete with others who also like the thrill of a competition for the total winning jackpot. It's simple enough to compete as the only rule is to play is, to spin as many times possible within the time required. The winner is determined by the highest number of winning paylines. It all depends upon the amount of wins created to beat the others who have joined the same tournament.

There are usually 2 catagories for slot tounaments:

1.  the Scheduled Tournament -- These are tournaments that are starting and ending at a specific time with the winner of that tournament announced at the end of the tournament.

2. the Sit 'n' Go Tournament -- These require a certain number of players involved for the tounament to begin and also have the winner announced at the end of the tournament.

The easiest way to join a tournament is to click on the button for tournaments that are offered  in order to find the best that suits your interests. Which type depends on the kind of tournament you are looking for. Scheduled or Sit 'n' Go tournaments. A complete listing of all available tounaments should be clearly seen,  then you can pick which tournament is listed as Open, before you decide to join.

There is a Join button and once it's clicked, there is additional info that is required. You'll supply an Alias and then you press enter again. Once this is confirmed you are given a number of coins to spin with and a specific time you can start and stop playing. After confirmation it cannot be changed so choosing which tounament to play is up to the player at that point.


An exciting yet inexpensive way to enjoy pokies at the online casino may be found in slot tournaments. Above, a few basics on how to get started.
Playing against a big bracket in online pokie tournaments