Online casino gaming in Australia -- Statistics, information

The recent statistic released recently by the IBIS (Australian survey and information group) has reported for 2012, that Australia has a profit leap of 3.3% recently with a whopping AUS $22.5 billion in estimated earnings within the online gaming community itself. What this means exactly is that Australia is now reaching the level of online gamers that rivals the UK, Europe, and the USA! Amazing is the word that describes the interest in online activity that has taken Australia by storm.

The average gamer (as estimated) could be spending as much as 1200 dollars for online betting, pokie online casinos or sport betting. The wild popularity of games such as poker are reaching peak levels very quickly. While it has been well known that Australians love the sport betting, horse racing, and related areas the most impressive result of the report included that poker tops the activity with 60% of the online activity just for 2012 alone!

Press and advertisement has also played a huge role in the success of the online bug which can be seen very easily from nearly every sporting event shown on television.And though the sporting industry has become the main source of coverage, the rest has been word-of-mouth directly from internet talk that has given this new form of gaming its' enormous boost of interest.

People are more and more involved with online poker as well as the variety of pokie games and the like. While the profit from this industry will earn bigger amounts this year, the winners from online gaming has also increased through online poker tournaments. Word of this has quickly spread into other countries that are on their way to take part in the latest swell of interest for online gaming. It's no wonder that Aussies are quickly reaching into a whole new world of gaming excitement and alternate forms of gaming that can clearly show the spirit of competition and challenge.

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