Download vs Flash casinos -- How to use each version

This is a trick debate that can always spark a good conversation over what is better when it comes to online games. The pros and cons have both sides of the same coin. Here are the better parts of the subject at hand.

Downlads are always better quality no matter how long you have to wait to install and play the game itself. There is always a sacrifice for everything when it comes to downloading anything. Game downloads can take a bit longer but the excellent quality that comes from the sound and speed inlcuded is nowhere near the exact way the game was intended to be played. Even the graphics are crisp and clean.

The only downside to downloads is that they eat up space in your hard drive. Up to 100-300 MB just for the complete software package. You also need to agree to the terms of agreement and run through the game the very first time. Also, the bigger down side is that it cannot be played anywhere, just on your computer hard drive, it cannot be reached from another  computer once it's installed so where it's installed, it can only be played from that location. Fine enough if you have a laptop but then again, do you really need to waste 300 MB for a casino game download (just one!)

Flash pokies are easier to click and play in an instant. No waiting for a download, no worry about registration or taking up computer space. Just start playing. Depending on what you like and who the game designer is, you might see some huge differences with many things. Speed for example is effected, sound is limited, there are glitches and pauses from online traffic. Just to name a few.

The technology has gotten better with the newer graphics looking like a fancy video game but depending on the OS (operating system) in your computer you may have to install a version that allows flash games to be played for the maximum effect. Most newer computers already have this but for complicated games with animations there may be a need for an additional flash software used for video games.

Higher bandwidth can solve the problem yet if there is higher internet traffic, the lag time will slow it down and ruin the experience of playing altogether.

To flash or not to flash? Online pokie players may not want all that unnecessary space taken up on the hard drive, but traditional download casinos have advantages, too...
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