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Aside from winning a massive progressive jackpot, nothing is as much fun while playing an online pokie game as entering a bonus round as a path to earning free spins and/or coinage. Here at PokieMonster, we’ve compiled a list of internet slots featuring such big-win rounds available to play for free.

Generally, bonus rounds in the online pokie, though featuring great animated graphics, are simple ‘pick ‘em’-type games: The player is presented with a choice of some number of objects and must point and click to reveal some prize, i.e. some combination of coins and/or free spins.

Increasingly, the bonus round can be a skill game harkening back to the old coin-op video game days of the 1980s. Blast your spaceship’s path through obstacles or hurry your way out of a maze before the time runs out for a max win. For phobics of this sort of game, these pokies typically allow some substituted prize in lieu of playing the skill bonus round.

Bonus rounds are the greatest thing to happen to the pokie since some 19th-century yank figured that, yeah, a game with randomly landed fruit symbols might be a good idea. Play great video pokies online to add a new dimension to slot gaming.
Bonus rounds and bonus slots with free spins for experienced online pokie slots players!