Free spins -- A bonus-round feature in online pokie games

So what is a free spin you might ask? In most slot games there are bonuses that are allowed for longer playtime. In terms of keeping the game interesting, the free spins add to the excitement and allow the player to gain winning combinations in return. There are several ways that free spins can be collected. One is given though a scatter symbol that awards free spins instead of coin amount. The upside to this can add more spin time included to make extra winning combinations but in some cases can add even more free spins if there's a respin feature that allows extra free spins to be collected in the free spin mode.

There are also featured bonus rounds that usually award up to 5, 10, 15 or more spins for free depending on the amount of bonus symbols won over the paylines. This also works similar to the free spin mode and might even add more playing time with those free spins. The whole idea is to keep both the player happy and involved in the game.

Some bonus prizes from the bonus games will often award the player with dozens of spins for choosing a special icon from a selection of objects. Sometimes it can feel more satisfying than winning money knowing that the slot game can be won if it awards free spins as well. Who knows for sure, the programming is all random anyway so there is no telling if free spins affect getting a bigger chance at the jackpot. It's just fun to play for free and still have winning potential while paying to play. Whatever it really means, some games can be pretty dull without this great dessert-topping added.

Every online pokie player loves free spins, and why not? This is totally a rhetorical question, as is this one: "When else do you get something for nothing at an internet casino?"
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