Jackpot City mobile casino’s Mega Moolah progressive jackpot pokie promotion

A sizable fraction of pokie aficionados play just one version of the game, i.e. those with progressive jackpots. With the buzz once again surrounding the notoriously high-paying Mega Moolah, one can easily understand the drive to take a chance at millions of dollars exclusively.

Not only is the jackpot payout on probably the most popular progressive slot online approaching $3.9 million as of this writing, but Jackpot City casino is offering a bonus deal on top of the big prize: Should the lucky winner of the certain-to-be $4 million-plus payout be playing at the Jackpot City mobile casino, he/she will be rewarded with an additional $100,000 per $1 million won. Imagine that: A bonus for winning the jackpot.

The safari-themed Mega Moolah pokie was launched online in 1996. Since then, the online machine has awarded a prize of over $3 million on four occasions. The last winner of a life-changing amount won on Mega Moolah came in late August 2011 when the pokie paid out for US $4.1 million; the jackpot’s rise to its current amount is by far the quickest accumulation the game has seen in twelve months’ time. Microgaming and Mega Moolah also hold the world record for single largest progressive jackpot paid on an online slot, when a Greek player beat the game in 2009 for a whopping €6.37 million.

By mid-October 2012, the jackpot payout on the Mega Moolah pokie is expected to surpass $4.1 million, thereby installing the progressive’s big prize as the fourth-biggest such payout in internet history.
Millions and millions can be won in the Mega Moolah progressive pokie game…