Video poker - Standard, multi-hand, variant games

As fans of video poker will tell you, the great thing about the game is the unique combination of skill and luck required to play the game. While playing video poker is hardly a mindbender like competing in tournament poker or betting on sports, the slight application of skill makes video poker far more interesting for the punter than traditional online slots.

Catering to the demands of devotees of this popular game, online casinos offer multiple versions of video poker with more challenging rules and gameplay. The most popular variations simply add more wild cards, making 2s or added jokers or both wild. Recently released multi-hand video poker games online allow play of up to 100 hands on a single deal, and “level”-type games (most prolifically produced by Microgaming software) increase a bonus multiplier after a winning hand.

Please see our catalogue of online video poker games below for a fresh take on the old standard or a new twist in the action.

Most people don’t realize it, but the history of video poker is as old – older, in fact – than that of slot machines themselves: The predecessor to the classic ‘one-armed bandit’ was a manual machine that superficially resembled a modern 5-reel slot game.
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