Treasury Casino -- Gaming hall located in Brisbane, Australia

Treasury Casino

Top of the Queen Street Mall / Brisbane QLD 4000 ,Australia


If you're into heritage sites and the mixture of casinos, you can find the Treasury Casino located in Brisbane. There are 3 levels of gaming rooms and entertainment featuring 87 gaming tables and 1300 pokies spread over the building. Though some reports have rumoured that they have 2600 gaming machines, they might have added more recently and reduced the amount of table games. In addition to being a historical site, the general rules for dress code is strictly controlled over the near 68,000 square foot building that the casino sits upon.

They do make the age limit a very strict issue since you have to be 18 to enter and also to drink but then again, drinking is just the start here. They also have a VIP area with minimum wagers of $5-50.00 per bets. Not too bad. The popular games here include Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette.

Under the building is enough room for 700 parked cars and I'm sure they don't charge for parking either.  In addition to the special light show that can be see nightly outside the building. Actually the building is flooded with color changing spot lights which is rather interesting to watch in the evenings. It's classy enough but somehow the idea of having a casino inside the very building where so much history had taken place, the thought is somewhat lacking common sense for a historical center location. Either way, it's still listed as an entertainment center for the Brisbane community.

The Treasury Casino features five restaurants and cafes, and one major bar (though nearly every cafe and restaurant is serving alcohol and the waitresses are serving them at every table, it's not hard to get a drink in this casino.
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