Jupiters Townsville -- Casino and hotel complex in Queensland

Jupiters Townsville

Sir Leslie Thiess Drive / Townsville QLD 4810 ,Australia


If you've ever been to Vegas and have seen the Tropicana Hotel and Casino, this is one that comes to mind if they ever decided to relocate to Australia. It's a neat little place right in Queensland that reminds me of just why there are so few good places out there that you ever get to visit. This sleepy scenic casino hotel in Oz is just the place you can really relax without being too far from it all.

The casino itself is just shy of being a massive 55,000 sqaure foot playroom intended for some serious crowds but thankfully they have enough room even for that in the Hotel itself. They're gripping 711 pokie machines in their newly redecorated casino. They've also spent about $3.5 million to make it look just as specatacular as any seen in the USA.

The table games also cover 28 different areas of classic table games ranging from Poker and Texas Hold'em all the way up to Carribean Stud Poker. That's just the start when creature comforts are just an everyday thing at the Jupiters Townsville Hotel and Casino.

Even when that might include a business trip, they still get top points for making the entire complex into a royal event everywhere you stroll. This resort is top dollar entertainment for the business professional who can get everything from a little slice of home.

Jupiters Townsville includes four restaurants and three separate bars to suit your tastes with 193 rooms in their hotel to accomodate out-of-town guests. Take the time to get nice and relaxed with this home away from home.
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