Jupiters Gold Coast -- Casino located in Queensland

Another massive hotel and casino that has had a major facelift is the Jupiters Gold Coast Hotel and casino. While the Casino is the big draw for gambling, it is offering 70 gaming tables and 1300 pokie machines that are offered on just one level. The best part is that the casino is largely child-free and there won't be interruptions to your gaming experience. There's also a member gaming club.

Since they recently went through a very expensive remodelling (at $53 million), just a drop in the bucket compared to most casinos, there are currently 7 restaurants and 8 bars including a giant theater stage for international shows and concerts in a 950-seat showroom at Jupiters Gold Coast.

Prices are generally not too bad, but it tends to be on the pricey side of average. Food is also average and not on the cheap side at all. This is boasted as a 5 star hotel but the standards involved with an aging hotel casino resort is deeper than just giving a facelift to an old person, it simply is not up to 5 stars to be considered a major player in the casino world. For being the major attraction of a casino in the Gold Coast, they have the title, but it's slipping away faster than the waterslide attractions located nearby.

In the Gold Coast area of Australia is the eponymous Jupiters Gold Coast casino with top-quality games, standard favourites, pokies, seven restaurants and eight bars.
Taking a timeout from the surf to play at Jupiters Gold Coast...