Adelaide Casino -- 950 pokies, 90 table games

Adelaide Casino

North Terrace / Adelaide SA 5001 ,Australia


Here's another casino that just so happens to be in a heritage building (much like the Treasury casino) It used to be a railway station but perhaps this is more fitting to the casino location. Now it not only features a whopping 90 gaming tables and 950 pokies, this makes the Adelaide quite unique.

It's also one of the most relaxed dress code casinos you'll find in Oz. Wearing shorts a T-shirt and flip-flops won't get you thrown-out but you might get a decent shot at winning. The pokies here are cheaply priced and a considered a hot-spot for the locals alike.

It's no wonder that this casino is such a draw with a great variety of games to play from and fast friendly staff who is jumping to get the most of the casino experience. As opposed to the mega-casinos, this location is keeping on their toes to make the playing time worthwhile.

There are actualy 5 bars in The Adelaide casino and range from fancy to dive-bar prices. Still not bad when you consider this place is not going for broke. They even serve Kangaroo if you like the local selection of meats.

Given that this place needs a facelift it might even spoil the fun for some that would consider this casino a bit more run-down than others. It does have genuine charm making it a worthy stop for any casino providing an honest push for business. Don't change a thing!

At the Adelaide Casino, there are restaurants, one sports bar, and a food court. No overly fancy setting that make the place too glitzy or pretentious. Just people who love their serious gaming.
Casual fun and games at Australia's Adelaide Casino